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O' Charley's Menu - Weight Watcher Point Values

Weight Watchers Points for the following O' Charley items were calculated using the nutrition facts from O' Charley's online menu. This list was accurate as of 03/2009

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Apple Crunch Salad20840508
Bacon & Cheese Trio Chicken Sandwich20860463
Bacon & Cheese Trio Chicken Sandwich w/Mayo281110753
Bacon - 3 slices4140120
Baked Shrimp Scampi Pasta271100647
Balsamic Dressing - 2oz6230170
Bayou Omelette w/o Sides20770611
Bayou Salmon371470954
Big Easy Seafood Combo13570232
Bistro Chicken23950615
Black & Bleu Caesar Salad23920655
Bleu Cheese Dressing - 2oz7230250
Bleu Cheese Steak Topping210081
Blueberry Muffin - Regular1603.50
Broccoli & Three Cheese Soup Bowl4200102
Broccoli & Three Cheese Soup Cup210051
Broccoli Cheese Caserole210051
Brunch Bread w/Jelly6260101
Brunch Fries 3.5oz8330203
Brunch Grillers w/o Fries281160693
Brunch Quesadilla311220812
Bubba Breakfast Platter w/o Sides321520241
Buffalo Kickin Sandwich24980584
Buffalo Kickin Wings4818301473
Cajun Chicken Omelette23870630
Cajun Chicken Pasta301260695
Cajun Chicken Salad18740494
California Chicken Salad13560267
Catfish Lunch3111709918
Catfish Platter45169014125
Cedar Planked Tilapia6280111
Cedar Planked Salmon15590351
Chicken Harvest Soup Bowl10440212
Chicken Harvest Soup Cup5220111
Chicken O' Tenders (6 each)21850574
Chicken O' Tenders w/Buffalo Sauce (6 each)20810532
Chicken O' Tenders w/Chipotle BBQ Sauce (6 each)16690321
Chicken O' Tenders w/Honey Mustard (6 each)22850571
Chicken O' Tenders Create Your Own Combo (6 each22850571
Chicken Parmesan Pasta361510787
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich251040523
Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl6250152
Chicken Tortilla Soup Cup312071
Chili Cheese Nacho Burger321330746
Chili Cheese Twisted Chips3313208515
Chipotle BBQ Ribs - Full381540953
Chipotle BBQ Ribs - Half19780472
Chipotle BBQ Salmon - 10 oz16670371
Chipotle BBQ Salmon - 6 oz10430221
Chipotle Chicken O Tenders17740271
Chips and Salsa11520184
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts271140541
Clam Chowder Bowl8340201
Clam Chowder Cup4170101
Classic Chicken Caesar Salad12490302
Club Sandwich251020595
Cranberry Pecan Waffle321380611
Create Your Own Waffle Basic Recipe261090491
Create Your Own Waffle Blueberry02001
Create Your Own Waffle Chocolate Chips Semi Sweet5210120
Create Your Own Waffle Chopped Pecans6210212
Create Your Own Waffle Reeses Chopped Peanut Butter Cups4160101
Create Your Own Waffle Snickers315081
Create Your Own Waffle Strawberry Topping01000
Eggs & Bacon21820531
Eggs & Sausage23890601
Eggs - 2 w/o sides8290240
Filet Mignon13500300
Firecracker Tortilla Wrap311250774
Flame-Grilled Top Sirloin 10 oz15580350
Flame-Grilled Top Sirloin 7 oz11430280
French Fries Adult Size7300182
French Fries Jr. Size5230142
Fresh Atlantic Grilled Salmon-Lunch9370221
Fried Shrimp Dinner12490301
Greek Feta Vinaigrette 2 oz17620642
Grilled Chicken10460133
Grilled Chicken Breast- Create Your Own Combo41704.50
Grilled Chicken Sandwich14610273
Grilled Shrimp Dinner15600411
Half-Club Sandwich-Lunch12510302
Ham & Cheese Omelette291140781
Hand-Rolled Burrito14640212
Honey Mustard Dressing 2 oz9330320
Honey Mustard Light 2 oz312040
House Salad- Entree5230113
House Salad-Side5210112
Jambalaya Pasta321350747
Jr. Brunch15600361
Jr. Cheeseburger16650352
Jr. Chicken Tenders7310171
Jr. Corn Dogs13500383
Jr. French Toast261100562
Jr. Fruit Cup Peaches17001
Jr. Fruit Cup Pears17000
Jr. Fruit Cup Pineapple16001
Jr. Hamburger12540252
Jr. Macaroni and Cheese9360230
Jr. Pancakes15670181
Jr. Pasta42303.52
Jr. Pizza10440212
Jr. Shrimp8310181
Jr. Waffle271150551
Key Lime Pie14610230
Key West Citrus Chicken15750135
Loaded Baked Potato11480296
Louisiana Sirloin16670381
Meat Loaf Dinner251010665
Mushroom Swiss Bacon Burger3814901115
O'Charley's Butchers Cut Premium USDA Choice Steak 5 oz6260140
O'Charley's Cinnamon Rolls17770180
O'Charley's Signature Baby Back Ribs Full371480963
O'Charley's Signature Baby Back Ribs Half Rack19750482
Onion Rings with Cajun Horseradish Sauce4718001396
Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie17720270
Original Southern Fried Chicken Salad17720414
Othentic Spinach & Artichoke Dip22940517
Our Favorite Ribeye Steak21810550
Over-Loaded Potato Skins351340990
Over-Loaded Potato Soup Bowl9380232
Over-Loaded Potato Soup Cup5190111
Pecan Chicken Tender Salad21840547
Plain Potato10420246
Pretzel Coated Chicken Tenders/Appt.271020781
Prime Rib Omelet w/o sides25950741
Prime Rib Pasta5622801359
Prime Time Prime Rib 10 oz271020790
Prime Time Prime Rib 16 oz4316301271
Ranch Dressing 2 oz5190190
Ranch Dressing Light 2 oz2704.50
Rice Pilaf420051
Roast Beef Ciabatta Sandwich291220686
Roasted Tomato Basil Soup Bowl6260172
Roasted Tomato Basil Soup Cup313091
Sausage 2 patties6210190
Shredded Beef Quesadilla271120683
Smashed Potatoes8370125
Southern Fried Chicken Tacos16720295
Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla24990592
Southwestern Mexi Platter321380614
Southwestern Steak Soup Bowl4200102
Southwestern Steak Soup Cup210051
Southwestern Twisted Chips3313008912
Spanish Omelette301180801
Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges23880600
Spinach Mushroom & Tomato Omelet w/o sides14560411
Steak & Eggs321260781
Steak House Quesadilla341330953
Steak Tips Monterey251000642
Teriyaki Chicken1050061
Thousand Island Dressing 2 oz6210190
Three Cheese Bacon Burger261050633
Three-Cheese Shrimp Dip218704910
Top Shelf Combo Appetizer4718301301
Tortilla Chicken Salad13600255
Ultimate Chocolate Chocolate Cake261080596
Ultimate Omelette301180792
Yeast Roll with Side of Margarine418070

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