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Weight watchers, I'm 14?

Weight watchers, I'm 14? by I Love My Boyfriend

Okay so i want to do weight watchers but my parents wont let me !
they said i dont need it but i tihnk i do..
im 150 pounds and i feel obese grrr !!
ooh yeah im 5"5
anyways, what are some things i could tell them to make me go on the program?
and i wanna lose like 50 pounds. any other suggestions on how i can do it?

Best Answer by Haphran

Weight Watchers is basically a simplified way of keeping track of what you eat, while providing information and support. You can watch what you eat without joining ww. I would say that 1500 calories a day would be about right. Cut down on snacking, switch to diet beverages, drink lots of water and get some exercise everyday. No Weight Watchers Needed...

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