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7 Eleven Slurpee - Weight Watchers Point Values

Weight Watchers Points for the following 7 Eleven Slurpees were calculated using the nutrition facts from 7 Eleven's Slurpee online menu. This list was accurate as of 07/2009

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SLURPEES (8oz Unless Otherwise Noted)

Apocalyptic Ice17200
Berry Limeade Blast17200
Coca-Cola Classic16500
Crystal Light Cherry Limeade - Sugar Free13000
Crystal Light Peach mango Fusion - Sugar Free 12oz16000
Dr. Pepper212000
Fanta Banana16900
Fanta Blue Rasberry16500
Fanta Kiwi Strawberry16700
Fanta Orange16600
Fanta Pina Colada16600
Fanta Wild Cherry16600
Full Throttle Frozen Blast16200
Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red213000
Hazelnut Slurpuccino29000
Jolly Rancher Green Apple - 16oz214000
Mango Passion Fruit (Bumble Bee Blast)16400
Melon Berry Blast16000
Mountain Dew Blue Shock16000
Mountain Dew Voltage Freeze16000
Mountain Dew16000
Straberry Pineapple Lime (Liquid Artillery)16400
Twizzlers Strawberry - 16oz211000
Vanilla Creme17000

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