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About Me

About Me


Hi there. My name is Dan and as of this writing (6-23-09) I have been on the Weight Watchers weight loss plan for about 9 weeks. I am down 18.4 lbs!!

I have my wife Jennifer to thank for that. She is a WW lifetime member and has been doing it for about 2 years. Her weight loss is in the 50 lb range and she is truly an inspiration. I tried several times over those 2 years to lose weight with her but always managed to fall off the band wagon before the first note was even played. I finally had enough of letting my weight get the best of me and convinced a coworker of mine to officially join Weight Watchers with me.

It is a little weird as the only two men that attend our weekly meetings, and we take quite a bit of ribbing from the ladies, but I think it is only because they are jealous of how fast we can lose weight as men. One time I even joking asked if they had a different program that we could follow because it felt unsafe losing the weight as fast as my coworker and I were. The ladies didn't find it very funny.

This site was actually something that I started working on in September of 2008 when I was layed off from my job for about 3 months. It was originally intended to be something that my wife and I could use as a reference and has taken off from there. The restaurant additions have slowed down some lately with the weather getting nicer but I intend to dedicate more time to this soon. Thanks for stopping in and good luck in your weight loss journey!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I discovered this website today and it's absolutely fantastic!
Thank you so much!

HaphRan said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm in the process of updating the site to its own site instead of on a blogger site. That should help speed it up and make it look a little nicer. I will be posting a link on this site when it's ready. Thanks again!

Lola said...

Thank you so much. You helped with a question I had on Yahoo Answers. I did WW's before, but I feel off..actually hard-gaining back 30lbs! I'm at a good place right now in life, and the final piece is my weight loss. I started counting again on 7/15, weighing in at 198.5 and today, 7/17, I'm 196. I love that I am seeing results already. You can count me as one of your readers. I have a blog on this site as well...but nothing informative like this, just my own thoughts.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Good work!!

HaphRan said...

Welcome Lola! I loved how fast the weight came off when I first started WW. I'm really close to my initial goal of 10% (about 3 more pounds) but it feels like it is taking forever! Congrats on getting back on track and good luck!